Patten: The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
awarded a Recreational Trails Program grant to Katahdin Area Trails to build a
short non-motorized trail through the woods behind the Patten Lumbermen’s
The grant of just under $40,000 supports construction of a 1/3-mile evenly
graded trail that will be welcoming to people of all ages and abilities for walking,
biking, bird watching and snowshoeing. In a joint effort with the Veterans’
Memorial Library one section of the trail will include a children’s StoryWalk,
featuring Maine-themed books with sixteen reading stations. Antique logging
equipment provided by the Museum will be displayed along parts of the trail for
education and interest.
This project is possible thanks to the Patten Lumbermen’s Museum and
the Town of Patten allowing the trail to be built on their properties. Once
completed, the trail will be the first dedicated non-motorized trail in Patten.
A group of area organizations and residents called Patten Area Outdoors
(PAO) has been meeting to find ways to enhance outdoor parks and recreation
for residents and visitors with a focus on the development of a non-motorized
trail system in the area.
Patten Area Outdoors includes participation from a wide range of local
organizations: Patten Selectboard, Patten ATV Club, Patten Planning Board,
Katahdin Collaborative, Katahdin Area Trails, Northern Forest Center, Friends of
Katahdin Woods & Waters, Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument,
Patten Lumbermen’s Museum, Patten Area Women’s Club, Veterans’ Memorial
Library, Katahdin Tourism Partnership, and others. The group receives help from
the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program of the National Park
Service, MaineDOT Scenic Byway program, and the Outdoor Sport Institute.
Preliminary work on the trail project has begun, with flagging of the trail
route and clearing the grounds of debris and trash. Local volunteers, Museum
Board members, and students with their teachers have been engaging in this

preparation. Additional volunteer opportunities will be available when
construction commences in the spring. If construction proceeds according to
plan, the trail will be open to everyone to enjoy next fall.
More non-motorized trail discussions are underway and Patten Area
Outdoors is working towards a plan that articulates a vision, goals, and potential
outdoor improvements including parks and human-powered trails. Anyone
interested is invited to attend Patten Area Outdoors meetings. Join the email list
by contacting


For additional information, Please contact:

Ron Blum, Chair, Patten Planning Board and Patten Area Outdoors 207 267-0267

Julie Isbill, Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program of the National
Park Service 207 449-0053