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Hammond Ridge – Timber Haul Trail
This season we are working on the next phase of construction in our Hammond Ridge Trail System, which includes between 3.5 and 4 miles of beginner and intermediate singletrack we’re calling lower, middle, and upper Timber Haul. This trail will be bi-directional, shared use, and bike-optimized. It will serve as the uphill route to connect riders to our existing gravity trails, Millbilly and Ripogenous.
Jerry Pond – Long Acre Extension
The Jerry Pond area is the first phase of development in our 2018 concept plan for 100+ miles of trail, accessible from Millinocket. The first two trails (Long Acre and Hillcrest) were completed directly behind Stearns middle / high school in 2019-20. In 2021 the full master plan for design was completed with the help of IMBA Trail Solutions, and we began work on building Long Acre Extension, and improving the existing Raymond Trail.
 This year we are completing Long Acre Extension so trail users can connect the “new development” neighborhood to the School, and will also be making other improvements to the existing trail system, including the installation of all new trail signs.
Mt Chase Lodge
Mt. Chase Lodge owners, Lindsay & Mike Downing, are committed to bringing more non-motorized, shared use trail opportunities to life in the north end of the Katahdin Region. In 2021 IMBA Trail Solutions completed a concept plan and field design for trails at Mt. Chase Lodge, and this season we are breaking ground on the first mile of new trail which will begin from the lodge.


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