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Millinocket Town Trail Updates

The in-town trail system in Millinocket is gaining the addition of some gravity-fueled fun! The crew is working on a beginner bike-only trail named “Flowage” in honor of the Dolby Flowage outside of town. The Flowage trail gives riders a fun filled descent from Alpine Avenue to the school. Both beginner and experienced mountain bikers alike can enjoy flow laps in town, helping to prepare them for bigger laps on Hammond Ridge. This project is being funded by the Maine Mountain Bike Trail Fund.

Raymond Extension
The popular Raymond trail is getting a hand-built extension, giving walkers, runners, snowshoers, and bikers an alternative to the gravel road behind the water tower. This trail will connect users directly into Long Acre and create more short loop options for everyone.

Mt Chase Trail System 

Thanks to the generous support of the Maine Mountain Bike Trail Fund, we are helping with the next significant step in expansion of the Mt Chase Trail System which originates at Mt. Chase Lodge on Upper Shin Pond. This project will add a new beginner-friendly, machine-built singletrack to the system as well as new machine-built intermediate trails complimenting the hand-built trail completed in 2022.

Peavey Brook Outdoor Center
Our friends at the Elliotsville Foundation are bringing more great trail experiences to the region at their property between Patten and Shin Pond. The first 1.2 miles of this new system which is comprised of beginner-friendly bike-optimized trail was built in 2023, and more is slated for next season.


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