Statement Of Values

Accessible and Inclusive
We invite all people to come and participate in the trail systems and experience the beautiful natural resources of the Katahdin Region.
Providing equal opportunities to members of our community for access to rewarding experiences in nature is a primary purpose of our work.
We believe in making decisions that support the economic basis of the Katahdin Region. While a rising tide lifts all boats, we actively seek to assist areas and members of our community that are less prepared to take advantage of a rising tide so that our entire community benefits.
Outdoor Education is a cornerstone of active participation in our natural environment. We strive to support organizations that provide outdoor education programming and also take into consideration their needs when planning trails and support facilities.
We are transparent in our communications, interactions and intentions. We honor our commitments, act in good faith and take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously.
Resource Management
Care for our trails and resources are guided by best practices in trail building and natural resource management.
We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint and are building trails that are sustainable and have longevity.
We are responsible managers of our natural environment. Our stewardship extends to the donations and grants that we receive our reputation and the good will of our community.